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About me

Hello, thanks for visiting the shop. Here is a little about me and how I started my own business making leather goods.
My name is Brian, I began as a prop maker for film and TV shows. I did a fair share of period pieces and had access to lots of leather projects. Journals, sheaths, maps and character props. From this experience, I developed an interest in the craft. It was a couple years later when I switched over to on set photography where my leather focus switched to utility. I made myself a dual camera harness so I could carry around two cameras on set. Just one week on set and I had three people interested in commissioning a harness for themselves. These three people would be the very first commissions I received.  To fulfill these orders, required me to buy some tools and a much larger piece of leather. Fulfilling these commissions sparked a passion that I never knew existed in me. I began to play around with every day carry items such as dog collars, a few wallets, but mostly utility items.
What really kickstarted my craft from where it was then, to now, was other makers on the internet and abroad. The quality of craftsmanship coming out of Japan inspired me in a way that set me on a path of relentless curiosity. Where did they source their leather? Why use this kind of thread? How do you get your stitches slanted, perfect right angles, slick edges, tool list... The list will continue to grow. I'm now taking classes from makers that inspire me and are in a place where teaching is a part of their career in leather craft. 

I've only been making bespoke and every day carry items for less then two years and still have much to learn. As my thirst for knowledge increases so does my passion. I hope you can see that in my work and are as delighted to receive a wallet from me, as I am delighted to make it for you. Thank you for your interest in Upstate Handmade and please contact me with any questions. 
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