Leather Camera Harness


The dual leather camera harness is perfect for the photographer who deals with multiple lenses and camera bodies. When you are on set, shooting a wedding, sporting event or out hiking this is a great rig that will set your heavy cameras comfortably around your body. 


- The adjustable chest buckle allows you to keep your cameras from jostling around to much when you are on the move. 
- Easy adjustable shoulder straps using multiple pins for style and security. 
- Full Grain Leather that will not stretch with continued use. 
- Hardware designed to screw into the tripod mount on your camera. Making this harness compatible with most DSLR and mirrorless cameras.  
- D rings for easy camera mobility and quick snaps. 

This product is made to order, which allows us to give special customizations if desired. 

If your new harness doesn't fit, please let us know within 7 business days. If we get the product back in the condition it was sent out, you will get a full refund (with all shipping costs at the buyer's expense).

Dual Camera Harness